Your holiday accommodation has been prepared for your arrival, including a complimentary welcome pack for you to enjoy.


Water – the tap water is perfectly fine for washing and cooking however we do recommend using bottled water for drinking.


Rubbish Disposal & Recycling – nearest drop of point is along the road,       when walking into Arrecife with the sea to your right


WIFI –  MOVISTAR_3DD0             Password: YMp7RBsZd25Vz9YhCpg8


TV – white remote control. Press red button to turn on/off. If TV channel is not displayed, you need to change the source of input to the TV to being its ariel. To change to TV – press the “SOURCE” button, scroll to TV option, wait a second and a yellow tick will appear. The last used channel will display.

To change channel press up or done with “P” button.

To change language to Version original (normally English). On white controller, click “TOOLS” button, scroll down and select “audio language”. Choose English or V.O. (if available). You will need to do this each time that you changed channel.


DVD – larger, black remote control. To change to DVD – turn on DVD player by pressing the top left red button on the remote control, insert disk. Turn on TV, using the “SOURCE” button choose the HDMI3 option, wait a second and a yellow tick will appear. Using the control press enter button which is located in the centre of the arrows.


IPOD docking stations – charges SAMSUNG SMART PHONES, IPOD or IPHONE 4. You must connect your device to “BLUETOOTH” to play music through the system.

White remote control – SAMSUNG TV



Air-conditioning – the use is optional. At the end of your stay, please take a final reading. The charge is worked out on 40cents per kilowatt and how many kilowatts used depends not just on the time used but the setting. We work on an Honesty basis and have left an envelope with your welcome letter which you can use to put in the money for the air conditioning used.


The central air conditioning is controlled by the panel on the wall in the living room. To use the air conditioning, please close the windows and doors and press the On/Off switch. Use the Temp adjust to set desired temperature and by pressing the Fan button this adjusts the level of air. You can set the timer to an allotted time – we suggest 30 mins to cool the property.


Washing machine -the washing machine is located on the small balcony through the kitchen. Please put washing liquid/tablets directly into the drum. Please do not use the drawer.


Dish washer – to start the dishwasher, please press the far left button followed by the far right button.


Linen and towel change – for guests staying longer than 7 nights, there will be a linen and towel change half way through your stay. The date is written on your welcome card. Our housekeeping team have a key so will let themselves. In.


Last Day – Check out time is 10am. Please leave the yurt /kitchen tidy and

remove all rubbish & recycling. If you would like to have a cleaner at the end or during your stay, let us know.




 Finca de Arrieta – Eco Retreat

We would love you to visit Finca de Arrieta during your stay.

Finca de Arrieta is an ongoing project, created, developed & designed by Tila & Michelle Braddock and it has been open to guests since December 2007.

There are currently 16 different holiday homes, ranging from Yurts to a Stone Tower.

The Info Hut is open every day from 9am to 3pm.

There is a pool area, a playground & animals for the children.


Follow the road from Arrecife to Orzola and just before reaching Arrieta, turn left to Tabayesco. Finca de Arrieta is situated at the beginning of the road on the right. The parking area is just inside the second gate.