Lanzarote History

Created 35 million years ago, the volcanic island of Lanzarote had early settlers dating back to 1100 BC.

“On the evening of 1st September 1730, at Timanfaya,…the earth suddenly broke open. On the first night, a gigantic mountain reared up out of the lap of the earth, and from its peak flames leapt up and burnt incessantly for nineteen days.”

In 1730, volcanic eruptions lasting a total of 2053 days devastated the southern part of the island, creating 32 new volcanoes, destroying 11 villages and covering a quarter of the islands surface in lava.

Tourists seeking sunshine and beaches first began to visit the Canaries in large numbers in the 1960s. Away from the main tourist resorts, the island resists change and the laid-back atmosphere and spectacular scenery provide visitors a chance to feel the magic of Lanzarote.