Arrieta travel guide

The village of Arrieta has a population of 1.000 and is set in the northern municipality of Haria, the most traditional area of Lanzarote and ideal for solo travelers, couples and families alike. Arrieta is a small, authentic Canarian fishing village which has adapted somewhat to meet the demands of some low-key tourism, whilst still keeping that traditional, old fashioned feel.
Arrieta is also a sub-tropical climate. While the coldest month of the year is February, when temperatures hover around 18 degrees Celsius, in the summer the temperatures reach around 25 degrees Celsius, meaning no matter the season or month of your travels, exploring Arrieta will be perfectly pleasant and comfortable.


Arrieta is one of the prettiest and most authentic fishing villages to still exist in Lanzarote today. It remains unspoiled and there is a rustic charm to many of its historic houses and coastal alleyways. The town’s name comes from Arriete Preud’homme, who was the Mayor of Lanzarote.
One of the most beautiful houses in Arrieta, and indeed all of Lanzarote, is the Casa La Juanita. The unusual red and blue house lies on the fringes of the sea and was originally known as the ‘chalet of Arrieta’.
The house is particularly unique as the majority of houses in the area (and the whole of Lanzarote) are painted in white, whereas contrastingly the Casa la Juanita is painted in shades of bold colours. The house was constructed by local D. Juan de León Perdomo, who was born in nearby Haría.

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Arrieta boasts a beautiful beach called “Playa de La Garita” which has fine golden sand and is 810m long. This beach is home to a restaurant, beach bar, WC/showers, parking and a play park. The waters generally remain calm throughout the year.  This beach is ideal for first-time surfing, body boarding, sunbathing, swimming, wave jumping, sand castle making, sunrise spotting, or even fishing off the pier. Whether you’re looking to dine, throw yourself into water sports or simply relax, this beach really has something for everyone.

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Where to eat in Arrieta?

Among other things, the village offers wonderful restaurants, offering fresh dishes packed with flavour. El Amanecer serve great value meals without sacrificing on the quality of the food, all served on a picturesque balcony with direct sea views. La Nasa is another restaurant in Arrieta which is known for its delicious paella and typical Lanzarote dessert Bienmesabe. Last but certainly not least for our restaurant recommendations is El Charcon which is a great option for its location alone, situated right on the old harbour with a large terrace and views to Casa Juanita and the sea. If you want to grab a bite to eat, to go, there is also a world class take away pizzeria, La Artesana.

Arrieta is ideal if you are looking to experience authentic Lanzarote, be away from the neon-lit bars and nightclubs and opt for something more tranquil for your travels.