La Geria

The valley of La Geria, which has been declared a ‘Protected Area’, is Lanzarote’s main wine-growing region, occupying about 20 square miles (52 square kilometres) and stretching on both sides of the road from Masdache to Uga and right up to the volcanic slopes. The Parque Nacional de Timanfaya runs along the eastern border. The binding of these two important stretches of land forms one of the most impressive landscape pictures of the Canary Islands.

La Geria has a unique landscape and is exhilarating to witness due to its vast expanse of volcanic ash from the eruption of Timanfaya during 1730-1736; the whole scenery is bathed in its remains. Surprisingly this area of land cultivates vines by simply digging a pit into the volcanic ash and then to cleverly create a small semi -circular stone wall around it to help protect it from the wind.

This area produces most of Lanzarote’s excellent wines, of which 75 per cent are made from the Malvasía grape, one of the oldest known grape varieties. Best known as a honey-coloured, very sweet wine with a rich flavour, already praised by Shakespeare hundreds of years ago, today the Malvasía grape produces a wide variety of quality white, red or rosé wines, from very sweet to very dry.

In the Protected Landscape of La Geria are several wineries which sell international award winning wines, like some of the better known wines of the malvasia grape. Underneath these spectacular vineyards is another natural jewel, the cave of Los Naturalistas (Naturalists), which is about 1,600 metres long. Take great care when going into the cave and use a good torch to see the numerous small needles of lava which protrude from its roof.

A wine route in La Geria region is highly recommended. We would suggest that you begin your journey from the south and head north requiring you to pass through the charming village of Uga. A few miles away you will stumble across Bodegas La Geria. The winery is open to the public and allows you to sample some of their seasonal wines. A little less than a mile north and you will reach Bodegas Stratvs, a majestic building that has just been opened as a winery. It is a modern facility that has been equipped with the latest technology. This winery overlooks La Geria as well as the red mountains of Timanfaya. When continuing this wine route, on the northern boundary of this natural area and about 10 minutes away by car from Stratvs, you will find the most historic winery on the island, El Grifo. To reach it you will need to go through the beautiful village of Masdache, another village that is smothered in what are the remains of volcanic ash. These historic wine cellars were built on the volcanic lava during 1775. Right in the geographic center of the island, El Grifo is a few kilometers from Monumento al Campesino, one of the best establishments to savor traditional culinary dishes.

If you would like to walk through the wine region, Lanzarote Retreats have partnered with the best guides on the island giving you the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique experience of La Geria. With this walking tour you will be able to find out the way the farmers of Lanzarote cultivate these black sandy parched lands to obtain these juicy fruits is unique in the world and discover the “miracle” that meant an agricultural revolution in Lanzarote, one of the driest places of the planet, an island that has the same rainfall levels than the Sahara Desert. You will also have the chance to enjoy the exquisite Malvasia white wine of the island at the end of the tour.

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