Los Hervideros

Los Hervideros is located at the north of the Playa Blanca resort (southern part of Lanzarote island) towards El Golfo. By driving a few minutes from Las Salinas de Janubio you will reach Los Hervideros. The narrow flawless road designed by Cesar Manrique warns you of your approach to a unique area on the island.

For more than two centuries since the eruption of Timanfaya, geographically the wild southeast coast of the island has been reshaped by its volcanic rock. The fast cooling of the lava upon contact with the water, combined with the erosive action of the waves, created a unique coastal landscape.

Los Hervideros refers to the amazing display that sees the waves force water into the labyrinth of caves with such a dramatic power it appears as if the sea is bubbling and boiling. Visitors can wander around pathways in the cliffs and watch the display below. It almost looks like a firework display as the sea breaks violently and emerges from the spillways of the volcanic coastline.

A visit here is worth timing with a high tide or full moon to experience the full power of the waves crashing into the rocky cliffs.

Combine a trip to Los Hervideros with a visit to El Golfo, visit the Green Lagoon, (Charco de Los Clicos) and have a typical Canarian lunch at one of the village restaurants.

Please use common sense and be aware of all road markings when travelling here especially if travelling with children (be careful as you could also get wet).