Monumento al Campesino

The Monumento al Campesino is located in the geographic centre of the island in the municipality of San Bartolomé, and it is a public tribute César Manrique paid to the effort of men and women working the fields, and facing the worst conditions in order to be able to bring the land to life. Wine and food products from Lanzarote are nowadays internationally renowned thanks to the effort Manrique made when paying this tribute.

The Museo del Campesino complex, is a visual and emotional display, that pays special attention to the wit, courage, bravery of local farmers. It consists of a series of buildings that look like traditional homes, with white walls and green wood, combining the most characteristic elements of the different areas of the island.

The location of the Monumento is clearly signposted by the towering 15 metre sculpture of ‘Fecundidad’ or ‘Fertility’, constructed in 1968 from old water tanks following a design of César Manrique’s, executed by Jésus Soto. Located on the roundabout where the main LZ-20 and LZ-30 roads from Arrecife and Teguise interconnect. For this reason it’s also a popular meeting place for the annual pilgrimage to Mancha Blanca for Los Dolores in September. The memorial is situated in between the beautiful La Geria wine region and El Jable, the desert of Lanzarote.

 At the rear of the centre is a courtyard with a series of rooms facing onto the central feature where a spiral staircase has been installed into an old stone quarry. Each of the rooms represents a different artisan craft and a shop offers traditional crafts and gifts for sale. There’s a great collection of Lanzarote wine available to purchase from this location, which is well priced. There is also a selection of traditional music albums for sale including parrandas, folklore and timple artists.

The centre tops it all up with a restaurant where traditional flavours and dishes are cooked for visitors to enjoy. Typical dishes include white anchovies (boquerones), octopus (pulpo), goat’s cheese (queso de cabra), tuna (atun) and green olives (aceitunas). The interior space is decorated with examples of the furnishings that were once used in Canarian homes, such as the oil lamps adorning the walls.

Opening Hours Monumento al Campesino:

  • Recommended visit time: approximately 1 hour
  • Opening times: Daily from 10am to 6pm
  • Bar Cafe: 10am to 6pm
  • Restaurant: 1pm to 4pm
  • For information and bookings: 928.520.136