Last month we had the pleasure to welcome Geert De Craen who runs Beyond Biking. Beyond Biking offers premium, awesome MTB travel groups – Beyond the expected. They stayed with us on one of their Canary Island hopping adventures. Thanks Geert also for allowing us to use your awesome photo’s. Check them out WOW!…

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Now we hand you over to Geert to tell you about his group adventure…

“We aim to surpass our clients expectations by taking them on the journey of a lifetime. From a hidden mtb gem destination, a secret trail that few people will ever experience to a stunning viewpoint, an amazing gourmet meal, a charming family-run guesthouse or an unexpected wild swim stop – we will constantly surprise them with the best-kept local secrets. All Beyond Biking accommodation is united by its local touch, good standards and breathtaking views far from the maddening tourist crowds. And guess what: that is a perfect match with Lanzarote Retreats. Right on!”



Part of our Beyond Biking philosophy is to combine completely different landscapes in one week. Our ‘Four-Island’ Canary Island hopping trip includes riding in La Graciosa, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria, all in the space of one week (The Four Islands are within easy ferry hopping distance). Four islands. Four landscapes. Each island is a completely different world, and adventure, in itself. While tiny La Graciosa looks like a Bounty Island, Lanzarote feels like being on planet Mars, parts of Fuerteventura resembles Morocco, and Gran Canaria feels very Jurassic Park. This Beyond Biking journey will give you a bit of a taste of everything the ‘real’ Canary Islands has to offer.



Once you leave the resorts behind, you’ll find a cactus-spiked canvas of black lava, red-ochre desert, neon green forests, flame-coloured mountains, and sugar-cube villages untouched by time. The latter, you’ll find them especially in the North of Lanzarote: charming villages like Arrieta, Tiagua, Punta de Mujeres, Teguise, or Haria. This area – and Lanzarote Retreats’ accommodation only! – is our starting base for biking in the North of Lanzarote. The north of Lanzarote – which is relatively green thanks to the oasis in the valley of Haría – offers a refreshing contrast to black south of Lanzarote.



We found ourselves plunged into a hidden Lanzarote of quiet villages, sleeping dogs and donkey tracks. This is the Lanzarote part that tourism forgot. Here, we bike to La Graciosa – and we climb the off-road trail from sea level to the top of the majestic Famara Cliffs (550m), and to Lanzarote’s highpoint, Peñas del Chache, located at the southern end of the cliff, reaching 672m. Leaving the North of Lanzarote, our route took us through the vineyards of La Geria where the black volcanic ash turns the whole valley into a spectacular piece of landscape art.



We don’t just want our clients to see the local culture – we want them to live it and taste it. We want them to live the Canarian way, surrounded by nature and silence, largely untouched by tourism. To me, Lanzarote Retreats is the key to that experience. The setting of their stylish, typical Canarian accommodation is ‘wow’, from sleepy hillside villages to offbeat coastal towns with the laid-back vibe. It is Beyond the ordinary – and that fits with our Beyond Biking concept. Let’s be honest, in travel business, it all comes down to the ‘wow factor’. Whether it is the Eco Finca De Arrieta or Casa Volcan (Arrieta), Tiagua81 (Tiagua), or  Driftwood & Pebbles (Punta Mujeres), you won’t find any better than this in the North of Lanzarote – and our (very demanding) groups of clients always love it. Not to mention, after an exhilarating day of pedal pushing, be treated by a delicious champagne aperitif by Renata, near the swimming pool of the Eco Finca – could be worse . Bottom line : We aim to surpass the expectations of our clients – and so does Lanzarote Retreats! Off the record: To be honest. The Eco Yurt Royal @Finca de Arrieta is my favourite. I always keep that one for myself – too bad for the clients.


Watch the video of the Beyond Biking “3 Island Short bike Trip” (La Graciosa, Lanzarote, North Fuerte) – also featuring a glimpse of Tiagua81 and the Eco Luxury Farmhouse: CLICK HERE.

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