Bill Gates and solar energy

Bill Gates talks about solar energy on his personal blog Gates Notes and the article is well worth a read HERE.

At Lanzarote Retreats we look forward to a brighter future, one where the world can harness the clean energy provided by the nature, on this case, the sun. As this inspiring article points out, in one hour more energy from the sun hits the earth than humans use in an entire year! A new world is coming, in no small part it is thanks to visionaries that use their success for a greater good, people like Richard Branson, Bill Gates and all the other philanthropists who show they care about the future of our planet, we salute them all!


“What’s simple is the idea behind all of his team’s research: The sun is the most reliable, plentiful source of renewable energy we have. In fact, more energy from the sun hits the Earth in one hour than humans use in an entire year. If we can find cheap and efficient ways to tap just a fraction of its power, we will go a long way toward finding a clean, affordable, and reliable energy source for the future.” – Bill Gates

At Finca de Arrieta we have non static solar panels that track the sun (image below). They produce 3 times the power of fixed solar panels and this enables us to produce 100% of the power for 15 properties here, meaning we are 100% off grid!