Finca de Arrieta childrens cactus garden

Over the recent months the 2017 Children’s Cactus Garden at Finca de Arrieta has moved on towards completion. This is an ongoing project where guests, their children and their new friends can start taking an active interest in nurturing and gardening while staying with us. We look forward to many of them coming back to see their … Read more

Our swimming pools

Our swimming pools are solar heated and work with salt chlorine generators. A salt chlorine generator is an eco-friendly chlorination system that creates chlorine from sodium chloride (salt). As salt water travels through the swimming pool’s circulation system, it enters the salt chlorine generator and passes through a salt cell which initiates electrolysis. Through electrolysis, … Read more

Eco Yarn & Pharrell Williams

Our blog is perhaps not the first place you would come to for news of the antics of hip hop superstars and high street fashion outlets. Eco awareness is seldom a featured topic of rap artists after all. However we have reason to use this blog post to credit, superstar rapper, singer and producer, Pharrell … Read more

What are the benefits of an ‘eco’ holiday?

At Lanzarote Retreats, ‘Finca de Arrieta’ we pride ourselves on our green credentials, being totally ‘off-grid’ relying on the wind and sun, recycling our water, providing organic produce and numerous other initiatives to ensure we have no negative impact on our environment. When our guests want to leave our retreat, comprising luxurious Mongolian yurts and … Read more

Volcanic Island Training – Reach for the Stars

We met first Amy Kilpin during her training week in Lanzarote at the end of December 2013. Having already competed in the Lanzarote 70.3 Ironman the previous year, Amy already had an affinity with the island and we loved her story. Having always been competitive and sporty Amy wasn’t afraid of taking the step to become … Read more

Eco Info

At Lanzarote Retreats, our range of different Eco accomodation, each using the latest renewable energy technology, provides an alternative yet luxurious holiday. All of the properties are “off the national grid”, allowing our guests to experience living with solar panels and wind turbines first hand . The system installed at Finca De Arrieta is the largest on … Read more

Eco Pets

Finca de Arrieta is not just our family home, it is also home to our pets. Collecting fresh eggs every morning is a highlight of every child’s holiday at the eco retreat. With over 100 free range chickens, there are always plenty to go around. The best time for egg collection is between 10 and … Read more

Eco Q & A

Some Eco Related Questions Finca de Arrieta The majority of people have no experience of living with solar panels and wind turbines. We get asked lots of different questions about the impact of living using sustainable energy.The following are frequently asked, feel free to ask any others What happens if there is no sun and … Read more

Finca Play Park

If you are looking to holiday in Lanzarote with children then Finca De Arrieta is a great place for your family holiday. We now have a brand new look play area which includes: A trampoline, play house, climbing frame, swing, pirate boat, wendy house, seesaw & sand pit.  While the kids are having fun with … Read more

What is a Yurt ?

At Finca de Arrieta, we have eight of them in various sizes, but What is a Yurt? A yurt (or Ger) is the traditional dwelling of the nomads in Mongolia. It is a tent-like structure, a domed home made from a wooden frame, formed by a number of joined wooden lattice walls. The roof is … Read more