Lanzarote Retreats introduces you to Michelle’s latest blog after her wonderful week of yoga, meditation and soul searching staying at the beach front villa “Eco Beach”. You will read how perfect this particular villa is for groups stays, it offers 5 twin bedrooms (extra yurt bedroom also available) all ensuite and with kitchenettes. The villa has a further industrial … Read more

Exploring Punta Mujeres: One of Lanzarote’s Best Kept Secrets

Lanzarote, one of the stunning Canary Islands, is renowned for its otherworldly volcanic landscapes, beautiful beaches, and charming villages. Among these treasures lies Punta Mujeres, a quaint fishing village that offers a unique blend of traditional Canarian culture, natural beauty, and modern amenities. This hidden gem, often overshadowed by its more famous neighbors, is a … Read more


Late November 2024, as the temperature cools down and the trade winds drop, Lanzarote Retreats, in partnership with Blackstone Treks & Tours, is offering a small group of people the exclusive opportunity to walk some of the most beautiful paths of Lanzarote over five days. An eco-discovery adventure not to be missed. This year we … Read more

Puerto Del Carmen Travel Guide

Puerto del Carmen is one of Lanzarote’s premier beach resorts, located on the island’s southeastern coast. It’s known for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and a wide range of leisure activities. In this guide we will give you our run down of our top recommendations when you are holidaying in Puerto Del Carmen. History Puerto … Read more

Arrecife Travel Guide

Arrecife is the vibrant and bustling capital city of Lanzarote, the easternmost island in the Canary archipelago. It’s not only the administrative center of the island but also a cultural and commercial hub. With its picturesque waterfront, historic charm, and a blend of modernity and tradition, Arrecife offers travelers a unique experience in the heart … Read more

Beach House Dream

Michelle speaks to H&E Naturist about launching Eco BeachAs part of the launch of Eco Beach, Michelle gave an interview to the editor of H&E Naturistmagazine about the new villa and Lanzarote Retreats. Here’s an excerpt from theconversation. Q. Can you share a brief background to your life before moving to Lanzarote and how andwhy … Read more

Noche Blanca: Immersing in the Magic of Teguise’s White Night

Lanzarote, a captivating island nestled in the Canaries, is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and thriving cultural scene. Amidst its array of captivating events, one standout celebration shines bright: Noche Blanca, or the White Night. Each year, the historic town of Teguise undergoes a remarkable transformation, turning into a spectacle of illuminated streets and buzzing … Read more

Holiday with friends

Benefits of holidaying with friends as neighboursIf you’ve ever holidayed with groups of friends or extended family, you’ll know the usual argumentsabout who’s sharing with who (and who snores). But the benefits of holidaying en masse faroutweigh the negatives. The quality time together to properly catch up and the chance to createshared memories that will … Read more

Anniversary, Summer Events & Special Offers

Greetings from Lanzarote Retreats! We kicked off the summer in style by hosting a white-themed party for LR friends and family to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Lanzarote Retreats & the grand opening of our new villa: new Eco Beach Villa, located in Charco Del Palo. It was a truly memorable event, filled with laughter, … Read more

Dates de réduction 2021

Offres spéciales Ne manquez pas votre épargne Économisez 20% sur votre hébergement de vacances pour toute arrivée en juin ou septembre 2021. Cette offre est valable pour toutes les maisons de vacances Lanzarote Retreats. Pour les arrivées de juin s’il vous plaît utiliser ce code JUNELANZAROTE lorsque vous voyez la boîte de code promotionnel au … Read more