Craft Market and Mirador de Haria



This charming market is a “must visit” when you are holidaying here in Lanzarote. The quaint Northern village of Haria hosts a stunning variety of (approximately 50) craft stalls. The conditions to occupy a stall are very strict, all produce must be crafted or grown locally by the stall sellers.

The range of products is vast, from organically grown vegetables to intricate jewellery, aloe products to home-baked bread, Lanzarote perfume to goats’ cheese. It’s a wonderful and diverse offering, so if you are looking for any gifts this is a perfect way to shop. I personally always manage my Christmas shopping in just a few hours at this market, there really is something for everyone and it’s great value. Supporting local is very important to us and this is so much more pleasing to the eye than standard shopping centres. Your gifts will also be totally unique and have a story on how they are produced.




The market is set in the central tree-lined plaza of Haria and runs from 10 am to 2 pm every Saturday. Enjoy strolling at your own pace in the large, shaded plaza (there is no hustle and bustle here). You will also find a variety of interesting shops at the plaza such as the amazing hand-crafted leather shop, which offers a huge choice of handbags, wallets and even phone covers. Parking is also easy as there is a large car park right next to the market.

It’s worth leaving time to make the most of the village “Sociedad”, which is just to the right when facing the church at the end of the plaza. This locals’ meeting place has a bar and restaurant that offers amazing local food and coffee at very reasonable (local) rates. Try some of the tapas and, if you like sweet milky coffee, ask for a “Leche Leche”.  You can sit inside one of the quaint rooms of the building or choose one of the tables in the side street.

Once you have finished your market visit, drive up the LZ-10 to the newly renovated building and lookout point of Mirador de Haria. The stunning centre’s old building has been fully renovated to the classic Cesar Manrique style. This amazing lookout offers two glass floor walkways protruding from the natural volcanic rock landscape. Given the panoramic views, it can give the effect of flying over the unique landscape. You can see down to Haria itself and on to the Eco-Village of Finca de Arrieta and beyond to the ocean! If you struggle with standing on the glass walkways you will still see amazing views so It’s is well worth the visit!



There is no parking provided on-site, so drive to the top of the hill and use the free car park, then you walk back down. On weekends there are minibus transfers bringing you to and from the lookout.