Eco Holiday Cars

Lanzarote Retreats takes great pride in running its company and promoting staff to work in the most sustainable way possible. It’s important to them that they have the chance to offer guests, every opportunity to stay in line with their eco-friendly ethos. Lanzarote Retreats is at hand to offer pointers to guests on how they can improve their eco-credentials when planning for their holiday.

Every decision you make before and during your holiday can and does have an impact. Your method of travel, consuming locally sourced food and supporting small traditional businesses can have a huge positive influence on the island of Lanzarote.

Hybrid and All-Electric Vehicles are becoming ever more popular with the rise of climate change awareness and government initiatives to transition to this type of transport. For this reason, we actively encourage our guests to choose this type of vehicle when considering options.

Hybrid-electric cars emit less CO2 to the atmosphere and consume less fuel, thus saving you money when it comes to refuelling. All without compromising on style or comfort. They are also automatic and often feature high tech interiors with all comforts included. There is no need to manually charge these cars since they use a regenerative braking system that automatically charges their batteries.

Here are some of the options available during your stay with us in Lanzarote Retreats, just get in touch if you would like help organising your Eco Car –


Toyota Yaris

Toyota Prius

Toyota Rav 4

Toyota CHR

Renault Captur

Zoe All-Electric