Eco Info

At Lanzarote Retreats, our range of different Eco accomodation, each using the latest renewable energy technology, provides an alternative yet luxurious holiday. All of the properties are “off the national grid”, allowing our guests to experience living with solar panels and wind turbines first hand .

The system installed at Finca De Arrieta is the largest on the island of Lanzarote. It runs on a 48 Volt system and efficiently powers all of the dwellings within the retreat. 

The system consists of 50 solar panels, 2 wind turbines and natural wells, the following information explains how it all works.

Solar Panels
Solar cells capture the sun’s energy and change it to electricity. Inside a solar panel, each cell contains silicon, an element found in sand that absorbs sunlight. The energy in this absorbed light produces a small electrical current. Metal grids around the solar cells direct the currents into wires that lead to the power controls.

The solar array is comprised of one or more solar PV modules (solar panels) that convert sunlight into clean solar electricity. PV is short for Photo voltaic, which means electricity from light. The solar modules need to be mounted facing the sun and avoiding shade for best results. We now also have a Solar Hob for guests to use, cooking with the sun!
Wind Turbines

The wind turbine has 3 blades on the rotor which face away from the wind, the wind turns the blades round, this spins the shaft the rotor is mounted on, which connects to a the power controls

Charge Controller

The main function of a charge controller is to prevent over charging the batteries, as well as keeping electrical storage in the batteries from discharging to the solar modules at night.


The batteries store the solar power generated and discharge the power as needed. The battery bank consists of one or more solar deep-cycle type batteries. Depending on the current and voltages for certain applications the batteries are wired in series and/or parallel.


The Inverter changes the DC current stored in the batteries into usable AC current which is the most common type used by most household appliances and lighting.