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Some Eco Related Questions

Finca de ArrietaFinca de Arrieta

The majority of people have no experience of living with solar panels and wind turbines.

We get asked lots of different questions about the impact of living using sustainable energy.The following are frequently asked, feel free to ask any others

What happens if there is no sun and wind?

The energy taken from the solar panels and wind turbines is stored in a set of batteries, these batteries hold a reserve of energy. If these batteries run low, the generator will recharge the batteries up quickly. The power supply is not interrupted so the property is never without its electric supply.

Is there anything we have to go without on our holiday?  

As these energy systems are modern and up to date, you can use any electrical appliance, just as you would from electricity supplied by the “Grid”.  In order to conserve energy, we do not fit our properties with high-energy consumption goods such as dishwasher, T.V, electric kettle, electric water heaters, high watt light bulbs, irons etc.

Whilst staying in one of these properties, do I have use an iron or hairdryer?

We encourage our guests to be aware of the electric they are using so these items are not supplied as standard.

How is the water heated?

The water is solar heated and there is a gas water heater to back up for less sunny days.

Will my baby bottle warmer work if I bring it with me?

Yes, the properties have normal Spanish electrical plugs. If you are travelling from the UK, you will only require an adaptor.