Eco Yarn & Pharrell Williams

Our blog is perhaps not the first place you would come to for news of the antics of hip hop superstars and high street fashion outlets. Eco awareness is seldom a featured topic of rap artists after all.

However we have reason to use this blog post to credit, superstar rapper, singer and producer, Pharrell Williams. The genuine passion Pharrell has for saving the oceon is apparent in his role as creative director for a company called Bionic Yarn.

Bionic Yarn creates eco yarn from plastic waste salvaged from our oceans. Pharrell Williams is able to use his mainstream status to ensure the fashion industry embraces his passion and the mission of Bionic Yarn and partners. One such example is his collaboration with G-Star to make the worlds first denim line from salvaged oceon waste.

Pharrell’s credibility in fashion and popular culture ensures that many labels will take a greater interest in environmental issues, especially if it comes with Pharrell desiginng a collection in return.

Celebrity power at its finest we feel!

There is a short but inspirational documentary on this which is well worth a watch VIEW HERE