El Quemao Class 2017 – Surf in Lanzarote

Our island is renowned for its sporting opportunities and events. On land and sea, we entertain some of the world’s greatest athletes. Cyclists, runners, swimmers and more besides, from every pro sport imaginable, flock to Lanzarote. They all come for our amazing facilities and rich calendar of events. They take part surrounded by the most stunning scenery and the best climate in Europe.

There is one event that is very special for us. Not just because our eldest son, Josh (pictured below), competes in it. Nor simply because we are a main sponsor.

El Quemao Class is unique, it is a supreme battle with nature. El Quemao, across from the village of La Santa, here in Lanzarote, is the best pro surf spot in Europe. It is one of the world’s most dangerous waves, a succession of deep fast tubes. The descent is vertical and it gives way to a deep take off to ride the tube. Get it wrong then the unforgiving volcanic reef lies in wait inches under the surface.

Surfers hold El Quemao in reverence, as the spot that breaks boards, bones and hearts. A battle with nature is on her terms, so from January we wait. Finally when conditions are perfect nature summons great surfers to face El Quemao. Ideal conditions are a full tide, E-SE winds and a swell from the North.

El Quemao Class 2017 took place last week, hence our preoccupation with it here. Even for those of you who are not interested in surfing there is still relevance. El Quamao represents much more than surfing. It encapsulates the spirit of the island, the passion of the people, the awe and power of our natural surroundings. Also the unpredictability of life. Far away from the main tourist hubs, it represents everything that we love!!

Josh (eldest son of Lanzarote Retreats founders, Michelle & Tila) works at Lanzarote Retreats and also competes, Europe wide, in major surf competitions. So we asked him for a personal account of his El Quamao experience:

“Awesome event. Waves really turned it on with the higher tide, everyone was surfing strong. I had a tough heat but did throw a couple of fun ones”. – That was it, then he left to go and pick up more guests arriving at the airport.

El Quemao is just one aspect of our unique island, there are so many more waiting to be discovered when you visit us! The important thing is that you get in touch with us and tell us what interests you, what do you like to do on holiday?

We can guarantee that the team here know of a secret or two that will inspire you. Perhaps you want to forget exertion and find your own private white sandy cove with calm, turquoise waters and sunbathe in peace? We can help!