Extended Stays with Lanzarote Retreats

Travel may be on hold for many of us right now but we’ve been cheered by the presence of a few long stay guests who’ve taken up our digital nomads offer.


Like the Andrew family from the UK and French pro surfer William Aliotti who are staying with us at our eco-village Finca de Arrieta. Here they share a few words about what life is like in Lanzarote on a ‘workation’.




When did you first arrive in Lanzarote?

We’d originally planned a 10-day break over Christmas and then just extended.


Are you working/ studying/ home schooling whilst here?

Paula: I’m a herbalist and nutritional therapist and am taking consultations with my UK patients by Zoom. I can then work out their nutritional needs and diet programme here, then sort out supplements to be shipped to them from the UK to wherever they live.


Mike has had a Zoom job interview whilst here.


Maddie is being home schooled by us. We get a daily worksheet to go through. She jumps in the pool or on the trampoline between subjects!


What’s it like living in Lanzarote at the moment?

It’s glorious. With the UK in lockdown and freezing, we think we’re in the best place ever. Even though the locals think that it’s been a dreadful winter with rain, it’s turned the island into a green paradise….and it’s still warmer than it is at home.


What are you enjoying about being in Lanzarote?

Mike: The sea and surf, the peacefulness and scenery. My favourite trip so far has been to Jameos del Agua.


Paula: How the island has blossomed with the rain and meeting people from all over Europe and further afield. Everyone is friendly. I love Haria markets. The food is fantastic too, there are even gluten-free options all over the place. I’m also loving sea swimming daily in a bikini in winter!!!! And with lovely people ?? ?‍♀️


Maddie: The many skateparks we find across the island are great and I’m enjoying making new friends. I love that it’s warm enough to wear shorts and t-shirts and swim every day.



When did you first arrive in Lanzarote?


My girlfriend and I arrived on 9th December planning to have a few days of good surfing and spend the Christmas holidays with our friends and family.


With the COVID situation and also the bad weather in France, we thought it was worth just staying put.


Where are you currently staying?

In the twin yurt at Finca de Arrieta, it’s awesome and we’re having the best time.


Are you working/ whilst here?

I’m kinda working because you get some of the best waves in the world around Lanzarote and as a pro surfer it’s perfect.


What’s it like living in Lanzarote at the moment?

Comfortable. It’s sunny most of the time, during the day it’s hot, the water is not too cold and the restaurants are open!


What are you enjoying about being in Lanzarote?

The ocean, the waves, the good weather, the food… all of it.


Where is your favourite wave?

My favourite around the island is probably Quemao! One of the most famous waves in Lanzarote. It can be pretty dangerous but it’s so beautiful.


If you are looking to stay more than a few weeks then do get in touch HERE with your budget and we can offer some long stay options.