Hiking & Biking Guided Tours

The barren Lanzarote countryside may feel very “naked”, revealing it all at once. Seeing the island from the airplane, you may even be left with an impression that you have seen it all. Nothing further away from the truth, especially if you decide to walk or cycle the “Rock”. You will be surprised by the island’s variety and its unconventional austere beauty, unfolding in front of your eyes along with rock formations, volcanic cones, unspoilt rugged coastline, dizzying cliffs and well kept, simply white villages. We work with wonderful guides who are fun and full of love for this island, transmitting their passion while accompanying you on tracks carefully chosen according to your interest. They also know very well that memories are great but memories supported by great pictures taken in magnificent places at the right time are even better. 🙂

Those who love hiking and find it the best way to travel, should definitely check our unique yearly event “Walk the Rock”. In one week, you will walk the island from the North to the South, while staying for the night in one of our beautiful accommodations at the Finca de Arrieta.

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