How to Reserve or Book on this web page.

Open the page of the accommodation you have chosen to stay in. Select holiday dates and number of guests. SELECT RESERVE – YOU CAN RESERVE THE ACCOMMODATION UNTIL 10AM TOMORROW WHILE YOU SEARCH FOR FLIGHTS SELECT BOOK NOW – TO PAY YOUR DEPOSIT & CONFIRM YOUR STAY Please note, our online booking system is live … Read more

What’s the easiest way to Book?

Short on Time? – Simply join the live chat on the bottom right hand side of the web page, request assistance and the Lanzarote Retreats office will help you make a reservation.

What to pack between October and March?

Jumper/Fleece – a jumper for evenings as Lanzarote offers lovely outdoor living and it can be cooler outside at night. Light waterproof jacket  –  incase it showers (which is not very often but can catch you out) Wetsuits – if you are planning getting in the water!

What to pack for Families?

Baby monitor if you are planning to spend evenings out on the terrace. Calpol, teething gel etc…. Nappies/Swim nappies – you can buy these here but they are very expensive Milk Powder – again very expensive and they may not have your usual brand

Where is best to stay when travelling solo with children?

Finca De Arrieta is a perfect location for solo parents, the eco child friendly retreat is made up of a community of 15 different holiday accommodations. The communal areas and chill out lounge provide a wonderful place for the kids to play as well as a place for the parents to enjoy some adult conversation.