Free Wi-Fi in Punta Mujeres and Haría Socio-Cultural Centres

The municipality of Haría has just installed free Wi-Fi coverage in the Socio-Cultural Centre El Marinero of Punta Mujeres and in Plaza de Haría, thanks to the work done by the Department of New Technologies, which Victor Robayna coordinates.

For the councilor of the area it is essential that the most popular public areas  of the municipality have this type of service, which has been highly demanded by the public.

“In two weeks time we will also be able to provide Wi-Fi coverage to the Socio-Cultural Centre of La Garita in Arrieta and at the beginning of the summer to the users of La Garita beach, where we plan to put a webcam so that Internet users can check in real time the beach and the local weather”, said the Mayor.

We highly recommend to visit Haría when you are in Lanzarote. This picturesque village is known as the ‘Valley of the thousand palms’ and lies in a verdant, beautiful area in the northern tip of Lanzarote, full of palm trees. The “Mercado Artesanal” is a traditional market held in the main plaza of Haría every Saturday morning. This market has a variety of traditional craft stalls selling jewellery, art, woodwork, pottery, leather goods and  local goods including fresh cheese, baked goods, fruit & vegetables. Open from 09:00 to 14:00. While in Haría maybe you would like to follow a winding road around the Risco de Famara up to a mountain pass to reach the Mirador de Haria, a high viewpoint just 3 miles (5 kilometres) south of Haría. From this mirador you will enjoy spectacular views over the village, the high cliffs of the north-western coast, the Peñas del Chache which at 2,200 ft (670 metres) tall is the highest mountain on the island and the villages of Tabayesco and Arrieta in the east.

Lanzarote Retreats sponsors Haría veterans football team.