[vc_row][vc_column border_color=”” visibility=”” width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Geocaching is a treasure hunting game, played around the world by people with GPS devices. The idea is to find containers, called geocaches, which are hidden outdoors and then share your experiences online. Geocaching is enjoyed by people from all age groups.

If you are a frequent YouTube visitor, you must have heard of the Vlogbrothers. The Vlog Brothers are two brothers from the United States of America. Their names are Hank and John Green. John Green has celebrity status on the internet, and is the author of many books such as Will Grayson Will Grayson, Paper Town and An Abundance of Katherine’s. They promoted Geocaching on one of their videos which now has had over ninety eight thousand (98.000) views! Throughout the world, there are over 4.5million active geocachers and 1.2 million geocaches placed.

Trackables of Geocaching

Geocoins: There are millions in the world and they are very easy to use. The way they work is that you buy one and have a mission prepared for it. You register it online at and put its name and what/where you want it to go/do. If you find one in a geocache, you go online and type in its code. You will then see its mission, its name, where it has come from and where it wants to go. You later place this geocoin in a geocache and log that online.  E.g.”Geromebraddock placed Koala bear in the geocache Finca del mar1.”

Travel bugs: They work the same way but have different physical design.

                                   Lanzarotes Geocaches.

In Lanzarote, and the neighbouring island of La Graciosa, there are over 50 Geocaches. If you are staying in the Finca de Arrieta, a geacache can be found just 100 meters from the Finca. This one is designed for kids to find and is named Finca del Mar 1.

Above is the link for this cache. It is one of the easiest on the whole island but is very fun for little children. The Canary Islands are one of the best places for geocaching as there are many geocaches on each of the islands, ranging from undersea adventures to mountain top volcanoes. Easy to hard for beginners and experienced Geocachers![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column border_color=”” visibility=”” width=”1/3″][mk_gallery images=”8502,8503″ style=”grid” column=”1″ image_size=”full” height=”500″ hover_scenarios=”fadebox” item_spacing=”8″ margin_bottom=”20″ frame_style=”simple” disable_title=”false” image_quality=”1″ pagination=”false” count=”10″ pagination_style=”1″ order=”ASC” orderby=”date” item_id=”1456853828-56d5d344d4d45″][/vc_column][/vc_row]