Making the best of the Lanzarote wind. By Renata @ Finca de Arrieta.

The summer is here, bringing the regular trade winds along. Although some might think the winds are a bit too much at times, their constant presence makes the summer heat more bearable. And they make the kites fly!

I decided to give it a go and there I was, looking at these KFO (known flying objects) being unrolled on the sand. I am being first acquainted with basic security rules and technicalities for mine and everyone else’s benefit. The conditions are perfect, says Ivan, a surf, kitesurf and windsurf instructor, who got lucky enough to face my zero technical intuition for the next three hours.

Before I know it, the kite is rising up from the ground. It seems to react to the subtlest movements of mine, and it soon becomes obvious that l would be a serious danger on a busy beach. But the class takes place at the back of the magnificent Famara beach, always at low tide, so there is plenty of room for uncoordinated novices like me. Ivan is such a patient man and after the first hour of his human integrity being tested, manages to ensure that me and the KFO start understanding each other. What a beautiful feeling. The kite, actually, obeys me, flying out there above my head, while I enjoy walking it back and forth between the sand and the sea, thankful for the wind.

I did not make it as far as another student, whose kite is already dragging him through the turquoise waters at the shore, but …. everyone at their own pace, I am told. The three hours with my new flying friend were definitely unique. I already know I will be back for more.

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