La Graciosa – A Hidden Paradise

Located 2km north of Lanzarote is the island of La Graciosa,  this is a unique haven for visitors who know how to enjoy natural beauty and solitary beaches. It is roughly 8km long and no more than 4km wide.

Fishing is the only industry aside from tourism. The total population is about 700, limited to two small settlements, Caleto de Sebo, in the southeastern part of the island and the summer residences of Casa de Pedro Barba.

Roads here are literally just unpaved sand and motor vehicles are strictly limited to a few jeeps that will carry tourists to the beaches much regarded and the most beautiful and unspoiled in Spain.

If, during your stay with us, you would like to explore La Graciosa then we can arrange everything for you. We can arrange tours in conjunction with our partners Lanzarote Active Club.

Thus enabling you to explore La Graciosa however best suites you. Whether you want to spot rare birds or climb Montana Bermeja to enjoy stunning views, or simply swim in the turquoise waters that flow on to the pristine sand of hidden beaches, it can all be arranged for you very easily, so please get in touch to plan your La Graciosa adventure.