Lanzarote Retreats & Necker Island

It is with much pleasure that we read of Richard Branson as he moves to introduce renewable power to his paradise in Necker Island.

With the introduction of fixed solar panels he predicts he will increase his diesel savings by 20%.

As he points out, on his recent blog post, solar represents a huge opportunity. In one second the sun gives of more energy than all of humanity has ever used. The potential for more renewable energy across the world is massive.

At Lanzarote Retreats we commend his team for this and further ambitions to make Necker Island one of the most renewably powered islands in the world.

We would very much like Richard to come and visit us at Finca de Arrieta as we have much knowledge to share. Although we can only control our properties rather than influence an entire island we still in many ways represent further advancements.

It is the 8 years of development that have already gone into our renewable energy systems that result in Finca de Arrieta standing as a blueprint for other locations to learn from.

We have now introduced non static panels that track the sun (image above), they produce 3 times the power of fixed solar panels, this enables us to produce 100% of the power for 15 properties here, meaning we are 100% off grid!