Congratulations to Dan (L), Jules (C) and Julian (R) who all competed in the annual swim race from Lanzarote to Graciosa last month. Most years the race conditions are perfect, during September – October the trade winds drop off and the sea is at its warmest. However, this race day was somewhat unusual with contestants swimming in very strong currents and facing a 30 kmh headwind. Needless to say many didn’t make it (to Graciosa that is, nobody drowned!!). Jules, LR marketing consultant, has done the 2.6km race several times, previously in under 50 mins. Julian’s first race was last year when he did a similar time. So it is somewhat ironic that newcomer Dan was the only person to finish whilst Jules & Julian were fished out of the water after 1hr 45mins swimming in the general direction of Brazil having missed Graciosa completely!

This really is a wonderful day out suitable for swimmers of all ages, with a carnival like atmosphere and beach party for all. You can see photo’s and get more info HERE, next years registration will open early June, 2018 with the 700 places going in the first couple of hours.

We can help you with info, accommodation and transport from Finca de Arrieta on race day. Julian & Dan stayed in our Eco Chiquitita Yurts. Jules son Jai shot a video you can watch it HERE


The swim between the islands of Lanzarote and La Graciosa takes place annually in the largest marine reserve in Spain, called “El Río”; It is considered one of the most popular swim events in the Canary Islands. Year after year, it grows both in participation and in celebration.


It is traditionally held late September/early October depending on the tidal conditions. This year it celebrated its 25th anniversary having begun in September 1993, with just 50 participants.

The race registration and pre race fun commences on Graciosa, however the start is at Playa de Bajo Risco on the opposite shore on Lanzarote. The competitors leave Graciosa on ferries cheered by the large crowd of spectators/supproters who gather there for the event. The ferries take them on a 10 minute journey and drop them 250m short of the shore the other side whether they are gathered to commence the race. They then race back to Caleta de Sebo pier in Graciosa where huge cheers await them from the families, friends and onlookers waiting eagerly to greet their return.
To be ratified as a successful finisher the maximum time allowed for the 2600 meter crossing is up to one hour after the arrival of the winner. Like everyone’s, the winners time varies depending on conditions, a very fast time with ideal conditions would be circa 25 – 28 mins.


Race competitors are served free drinks and locally made paella on the harbour after the event and this leads in to an evening of celebrations for all, including live music and a party on the beach until the early hours.

The entire crossing is well patrolled by coastguard and support boats and usually volunteer physio’s provide free massages / treatments at the end. The youngest competitors allowed are age 14 and the oldest are often in their 80’s and 90’s! Certainly this is the ideal open water race for swimmers of varying abilities. Wet suits are not worn.


Information and contact on Telephone:  928 810100  ext:  2185



Island Sports Service of the Cabildo of Lanzarote.


City Council of Teguise, Gatorade, Sands  Beach, Deportivo, Maritime Lines Romero, Tourism Board of Lanzarote.


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