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Summer is coming to an end, it has been a wonderful season so far and we have been delighted to see so many of you back again, in fact almost 50% of you are returning friends. The end of Summer means different things in different places. Here in Lanzarote it means the island gets a little quieter and the pace slows. After all for many families the children are going back to school. For us locals (and the many visitors not tied to school holiday dates) the coming months are some of the nicest. September & October continue with uninterrupted blue skies, the trade winds drop off, days are warm and sunny (average temperature/sun – 24°C/75°F / 9 hours), evenings are cooler and the Atlantic Ocean is at its warmest and calmest. It’s our favourite time of year, so come and enjoy it with us! ? ?

For this month, rather than a featured image, we share a video of Haria, the region where most our properties are located, in the unspoiled North of Lanzarote, home to Finca de Arrieta, Eco Fisherman’s Cottage, Driftwood, Pebbles, Villa Palacio and many more.

Please take a look (Click above image) this could be your ‘playground’ in the weeks ahead!

We have tons of great opportunities and offers for Autumn and Winter breaks. To ensure you get the best deals please just get in contact and chat with us; we are here ready to help you. Take a moment to check out the news stories, lots of new activities and great photos; we hope it inspires you a little!



Haria is a wonderful region, unspoiled by development, and the greenest part of the lsland. We have our own native flora, varied and full of endemic species, attributable to the special climate in the region. Many of the plants you will see growing here cannot be found anywhere else in the rest of the archipelago.

The images above are not the result of a big hunt, in fact they are all from the the grounds surrounding our grandest property: Villa Palacio. There are some new shots of Villa Palacio (as seen below) so please take a look HERE for more.

If, in the months ahead, you are planning a celebration, special event or large family holiday that deserves the grandest holiday villa, then look no further than Villa Palacio as it is this islands finest!!





We have a huge array of wonderful adventures and activity options awaiting our guests, far too many to outline all of them here. We always say to guests… get in touch as you book and tell us what your ultimate holiday activities are, then we will invite you along as we are probably already doing them!!

Above photos are from this weeks horse-riding tour. Finca de Arreita guests had a wonderful time on the first of many Lanzarote Retreats riding days. Please note the complimentary chilled Cava is consumed only at the end of the ride!

The image below is from the catamaran cruise. Guests enjoy a day’s sailing in and around Papagayo, with snorkelling and water-sport activities. We also arrange private sailing charters for smaller groups who want a very exclusive experience, for that special occasion, the one they will never want to forget!

On a side-note the jet-ski below was a point raised by a recent guest who commented that it was not exactly an ‘eco’ activity. It is a valid point so we feel it is worthy of a response… Our eco-retreat credentials are unparalleled in our sector. Finca de Arrieta is totally off-grid and every action we take here is with great consideration for our environment. That said ‘Eco’ & ‘tourism’ is a fine balance. Our goal is to care for the environment whilst giving guests a luxurious experience and hopefully delivering their ideal family holiday. Parents and children experience, in a harmonious way, all the eco-initiatives and projects we undertake. We feel we can inspire people a little; certainly the majority of guests leave here wanting to do more, especially their children, who the planet depends on for a future. Inspiring others is how we hope to influence some change as any eco initiatives, however small, are a step forward.

We are not here to tell anyone you must do the horse-riding and not the jet skiing. ?






The family run supermarket is loved by us for its fine selection of local produce. A 30 minute drive from Finca de Arrieta, but for guests who are looking to create their own culinary delights in our fully equipped kitchens then we highly recommend the effort to visit this local secret at least once during your stay!
Not only do they have the freshest local meat, fish, cheese, veg and fruits, but they now are paving the way in package free shopping, so you can take your own paper bags and fill them with your favourite products!




Did you know that, by 2020, global datacentre usage will account for at least 3% of all CO2 emissions? If we are going to be totally honest we didn’t know that either! So imagine our delight when our web developer and hosting partner, Pavilion Web, informed us that their management of our hosting is with the first company in the UK to offer true 100% renewable energy. All the power our datacentre consumes has achieved a PUE rating of 1.12. So when we say off-grid, we mean off grid, right down to our secure UK based hosting!


All Lanzarote Retreats properties are supplied with free Shampoo/Shower Gel packs. Sourced from our local supplier who uses local Aloe Vera that is 100% organically cultivated and fully sustainable. It also smells very nice and has amazing benefits for your skin!
The packaging used is oxo-biodegradable plastic, meaning it biodegrades in the open environment in the same way as natures waste, only quicker. The metal caps we return for recycling and reuse on future orders.


Installation has begun on hi-speed fibre optic broadband at Finca de Arrieta to bring the internet in line with many of our other properties on the island.
We are still recommending that all guests try a little digital detox and focus more on each other though ?


For a limited period we are offering all Finca de Arrieta arriving guests the chance to upgrade to any available accommodation for just €100!
To qualify it is simple – you just send an email the day before you are due to check-in with the request for a €100 upgrade – how simple is that?!!