On the North-West coast of Lanzarote, in the municipio of Teguise, Famara occupies a large, curving bay with many kilometres of beaches. It is somewhat out on a limb with the road from Teguise — the nearest large place — seeming to go on forever, although in fairness the road is only about 15 kilometres long.

Famara beach is an untamed sport’s beach ideal for doing water sports like surfing, body boarding, windsurfing and kite surfing, thanks to the swell of the waves and constant winds. You can even do air sports like parasailing and hang gliding by taking off from the top of the cliffs of Famara. But at low tide, the ocean drifts out and forms enormous pools of shallow calm water all along the beach which makes it an ideal place to relax in the sun and enjoy the marvels this beach has to offer like long walks next to the sea. And if low tide coincides with sunset, visitors can immortalize a picture postcard scene which is one of the most emblematic of the Canary Islands with the island of La Graciosa silhouetted on the horizon.

After a day at the beach, there is nothing better than to enjoy a fish dish on the terrace at one of the restaurants in the fishing village of La Caleta de Famara. Restaurants in Famara could not be described as luxurious, however, there is certainly something to be said for eating freshly caught fish and seafood, virtually on the beach with stunning views over the Atlantic and a sunset to inspire the senses. Simple but highly pleasurable.

The small fishing village of Caleta de Famara has achieved worldwide reknown as a surfers paradise. With the beach of San Juan playing host to international surf competitions and the geographic position creating ideal conditions, it is a magnet for the European surfing community.

From Lanzarote Retreats, we can recommend a highly professional school for lessons in surfing and bodyboarding in Famara, but also in Arrieta and La Santa.

Courses are available for children & adults, and beginners or experienced surfers, including full day lessons with beach picnic, equipment and instruction. 49€ per person. Advance booking required.

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