La Asomada

La Asomada is a town in the municipality of Tías, Lanzarote. Other settlements in the municipality are Mácher, Conil, Masdache.

La “Asomada” means “the lookout” because years ago the inhabitants of this remote village would look out from the top of the Gaida Mountain and scan the horizon for any sign of the mast of a much feared Berber ship.

The road to La Asomada leads to Timanfaya National Park, following beautiful volcanic trails and a cascade of small houses, many with their own tiny allotments growing onions, garlic, potatoes and peppers and facing to the south overlooking the ocean up to Fuerteventura. On this place every house serves with spectacular sea views.

This road is also the way to La Geria, the heart of wine-making in Lanzarote. La Geria has a unique landscape and is exhilarating to witness due to its vast expanse of volcanic ash from the eruption of Timanfaya during 1730-1736; the whole scenery is bathed in its remains. This area produces most of Lanzarote’s excellent wines, of which 75 per cent are made from the Malvasía grape, one of the oldest known grape varieties. In the Protected Landscape of La Geria are several wineries open to the public which sell international award winning wines, such as Bodega Rubicon or Bodega El Grifo.