La Graciosa

Graciosa Island or commonly La Graciosa; is a volcanic island in the Canary Islands of Spain, located at 2 km (1.2 mi) North of the island of Lanzarote across the strait named El Río. The island is part of the Chinijo Archipelago (composed of the islands of La Graciosa, Alegranza, Montaña Clara, Roque del Este and Roque del Oeste), a protected marine reserve.

La Graciosa is around 8 kilometres in length and 4 kilometres wide. There are two small villages, Pedro Barba and Caleta del Sebo, which are home to the island’s population, numbering somewhere between 600 and 700.

Streets and roads on La Graciosa are unpaved sand. Motor vehicles are strictly prohibited and limited to a handful of licensed vehicles for special purposes. There is a campsite on the Island situated on Playa del Salado at the western edge of Caleta del Sebo.

Access to the Island is by a 35-minute ferry crossing from Orzola on Lanzarote to the harbour in the village. Lineas Romero and Biosfera Express are the two ferry companies operating the crossing, you can check their websites for more information, schedule and prices. Free parking for the ferry port and anyone planning to explore the village of Órzola is located just to the left of the harbour.

La Graciosa is not a place for mass tourism, but it is an ideal island in which you can literally forget shoes. Referring to clothes, it is imperative bathing suit and a light jersey for evening. Obviously a sunscreen and a hat are not to be forgotten as once walk away from Caleta del Sebo it will be almost impossible to find any shadow.

Lanzarote Retreats have partnered with the best guides on the island and we can arrange private walking tours that will offer you a truly unique experience of La Graciosa.

After getting picked up at your accommodation, you will take the ferry to La Graciosa and start the walking tour from La Caleta del Sebo heading towards Las Conchas beach considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. Here you will also have the chance to climb Montaña Bermeja to enjoy stunning views of the island and the Chinijo Archipelago.

The walk continues towards the north area of La Graciosa stopping at Los Hervideros lava coast and La Lambra beach.

Another stop is Pedro Barba, the first settlement of the island a charming village that keeps the traditional architecture of La Graciosa. From this point you will walk back to Caleta de Sebo alongside the coastal path.

The Archipelago Chinijo is a birds sanctuary so you might have the chance to spot birds such the Calonectris diomedea (Cory’s shearwater), Burhinus oedicnemus (Stone curlew), Lanius excubitor (Great grey shrike), Falco peregrinoides (Barbary falcon) or the endangered Chlamydotis undulada (Bustard hubara).

The flora lovers can see espinos marinos (Lycium intricatum), ruderal (Cakile maritima), mato (Suaeda vera) or the endemic Jopo de La Graciosa (Orobanche gratiosa) amongst others.

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