Tahíche is a village located in the municipality of Teguise on the island of Lanzarote.

Spanish artist and architect César Manrique (1919–1992) lived and died in Tahíche. On his return from New York in 1968, César Manrique began working on this very singular house in the middle of a lava flow, cold and black, a legacy of the eruptions of 1730 and 1736. The artist lived here up until 1988. Today, the building houses the headquarters dedicated to conserving, studying and spreading the famous artist’s work. This foundation also promotes culture, art and the environment through exhibitions, conferences and publications.

Following Manrique’s concept, the locals built their houses within these lava fields, preserving the unique aspect of their town.

Tahiche is also home to the largest lava field in Lanzarote, Llano de Zonzamas, where tourists can visit and get very near these volcanic formations on foot, unlike the Timanfaya National Park, where visiting is carefully monitored and regulated.

If you’re visiting the volcanic park, make sure you go see the remnants of the Palace of Zonzamas. These can be found on the lava fields of Tahiche and represent the ancient residence of the chieftain of the Berbers – the island’s aboriginal occupants.

Fauna has also flourished on these fields, with a wide diversity of birdlife ranging from storks to hoopoes.

If you are out and about and you would like to eat something in the area, there are some good restaurants worth trying:

  • La Malecita is a smokehouse and grill restaurant, which specializes in meats and customary dishes. It has received excellent reviews from tourists, praising them for their great children’s play area.
  • Café Aloe is another popular place amongst locals. Stop for a meal and drink and enjoy the beautiful sights over the town and the nearby village of Nazaret.
  • Levain – the artisan bakery is one of the locals’ favourites, as it is open during siestas as well, Monday to Sunday, making it a hotspot for weekend coffee and pastries. They also serve breakfast and sandwiches, praised for their good taste and cheap prices.