Malavasía Volcánica Weekend – Music & Wine – June 10th

lf you take the road from Uga to Masdache, between the mountains of Chupaderos and Guadilama, you come through the wine-growing area of Lanzarote at the border of the Timanfaya National Park. Driving along this road is an exciting experience, partly because of the narrowness of the winding road which is directly bordered by lava fields and vineyards, and partly because of the unique quality of the black landscape.

The good grapes of Lanzarote grow in the area of “La Geria”, which will become the Malvasía wine, most suited to the climate. This wine-growing region is the largest in Europe, about 15 km length and 5.255 hectares surface. Wines from the “La Geria” can be tasted in various ‘Bodegas’ and also be bought. There are small villages, bodegas, restaurants, wine bars along this road and special tourist places where you may stop and purchase the wine.

Even Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen from the prestigious magazine Wine Enthusiast have included the Canary Islands on its Best Wine Destinations for 2017. You can read the full article here.

“Indigenous grapes grown in black lava are made into white, rosé and red wines that deliver rich minerality.”

On the 10th of June, when temperatures are at their best in Lanzarote, Bodega La Geria celebrates Sonidos Líquidos – Malavasía Volcánica Weekend, ideal for music lovers to experience open air concerts in the heart of the Volcanic Region of Lanzarote, where local award winning Lanzarote wines are offered.

The Catalan band Love of Lesbian is the first confirmation of the Malavasía Volcánica Weekend. You can purchase your tickets here.

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Sonidos Líquidos – 10th of June 2017