New Branding

So yes we have a change in our logo, brand look and website and this will roll out across all assets over the coming months.

We hope you like it!?

Lanzarote Retreats Logo_FDA-LOCKUP-DARK OCEAN BLUE-M (2)

The handwritten style denotes the high value we put on our personal service, the fact that we are a family business and every aspect of what we do reinforces the notion of family and community.


The core colours of our brand represent our landscape, sky blue and the darker blues of the ocean, along with warm ochre and volcanic grey.

Along with changes in the front end, we also have just launched our new online booking system. The design is bespoke and aimed to give our valued guests the best possible reservation and booking system in order to plan your holiday, also give you the most opportunities we can offer with the minimum effort required to book exactly what you want.


Don’t be afraid to let us know what you thing about any of this!