Noche Blanca ‘White Night’ in Teguise, 28th July 2017

We are are looking forward to a night of merriment like no other. Noche Blanca sees the entire town of Teguise throw a massive party!

This event is being promoted by the City of Teguise in collaboration with the local businesses, many bars and restaurants. Noche Blanca means White Night, and the tradition is to dress up in white clothing. This event showcases a diverse range of local contemporary culture, encompassing the arts, live music and gastronomy with activities running from 17.00 right through until 04.00 in the morning.

The White Night gives a beautiful chance for tourists coming to Lanzarote, to have a relaxed family holiday along with residents of Teguise, enjoying music, culture and historical heritage. The essence of a sleepless night, with the opening of shops, restaurants and museums, and a range of activities on the street also shows how safe Lanzarote is.

Noche Blanca will take place in Villa de Teguise next Friday 28th of July 2017. Don’t forget to wear white clothing!