Our swimming pools

Our swimming pools are solar heated and work with salt chlorine generators. A salt chlorine generator is an eco-friendly chlorination system that creates chlorine from sodium chloride (salt). As salt water travels through the swimming pool’s circulation system, it enters the salt chlorine generator and passes through a salt cell which initiates electrolysis. Through electrolysis, salt and water break up into hydrogen gas and hypochlorous acid. The hypochlorous acid purifies and sterilises the swimming pool water creating a better environment for swimmers reducing skin and eye irritation and no harsh chemical odours as no chlorine tabs or granules are used on this process. To heat the water, pool water is pumped through the filter and then through the solar collectors, where water is heated by the sun before it is returned to the pool. Some of the swimming pools also include pool covers to minimise evaporation and keep the pool warmer and cleaner.

Sizes of our pools

Finca de Arrieta (shared): 13m x 2.5m

Eco Luxury Farmhouse (private): 2.5m x 5m

Casa Hibiscus & Casa Lila (shared): 3m x 5.5m

Casa Volcan (private): 8m x 4m

The Beach House (private): 2.5m x 5m

Villa Luna Mar (private): 10m x 5m – depths 1.4m and 1.7m

Villa Palmitas (private): 10m x 5m

Tiagua 81 (shared): 3m x 7m