Quemao Class 2015 – Our Sponsorship

Lanzarote Retreats were very proud to be a main sponsor of a unique surfing event recently held on our island. After many weeks waiting for suitable conditions many great international surfers from far and wide gathered in the La Santa region to surf ‘El Quemao. The event was truly awesome to watch and it was the first pro event of its kind.

For those that do not know, El Quemao is Europe’s heaviest waves, also the most dangerous, rising up to 15m it falls dramtically onto a very shallow volcanic reef. Certainly not for the faint-hearted. In fact surfers refer to El Quemao as the wave that blows both minds and surfboards to bits!

One person who can testify to this is Josh, son of Lanzarote Retreats founders Tila and Michelle, an up and coming surfer on the pro circuit. He was competing in this event when his board was snapped into two pieces as he hit the reef below, fortunately he escaped without any injury whatsoever.

You can view a nice highlights video HERE