Spain’s largest newspaper runs a feature titled:

‘Lazarote Retreats, noches en una yurta mongola. Un complejo ecosostenible en la playa de Arrieta’.

(Lazarote Retreats, a Mongolian yurt nights. A eco-sustainable  beach resort infArrieta)

For non-Spanish speakers here is a Google translation:

Live in a Mongolian yurt has nothing indigenously on the island of Lanzarote. Nor rest in a Balinese bed or sleeping in a bamboo hut. But the complex designed by London duo of Michelle and Tila Braddock near the beach and Arrieta manages to convey the ecosostenible ideology inherited from Cesar Manrique and, more recently, experimental work of John Hardy. This jeweler today Canadian origin who lives in Bali encourages the use of bamboo in architecture for its neutralizing virtues of carbon footprint. The best examples of his work are the Bambu Indah Hotel, Ubud, and the Green School (both in Bali).

That inspired the project Lanzarote Retreats, nourished by solar panels, windmills and water pumped from a well to the pool was born. It will be said that the eco-resort has an exotic look, that Braddock are neohippies and deserves thrifty lighting lanterns carried in the suitcase. He also thinks that the regime breakfast, range from the small supermarket in another cabin, underscores the slacker of this militant environmentalism. But the proposal attracts many curious especially, centroeuropeos- to begin in the nomadic life of yurtismo.

The Eco Family Farmhouse hosts up to six people in three bedrooms with private pool. The Eco Yurt Royale is a sovereign building fabric coming Mongolia with three housing areas and cottage converted into an outdoor bath. Luxury Eco Villa is surround by a wall of volcanic stone and its 200 square meters has a garden, hammocks and two suites dream. The Eco Yurt Suite offers the same, but with one bedroom. Other yurts and huts of stone and wood give each to shoot a sequence hobbits so funny that result in sight.

Arrieta beach is just three minutes walk away. Others lost paradise of Lanzarote require a motorized displacement. True to their sustainable awareness, Tila and Michelle made available to guests a small fleet of hybrid vehicles Toyota.