Lancelot interviewed Lanzarote Retreats founder, Tila Braddock, on the subject of sustainability and environmental protection among travelers.

“Agrotourism in Lanzarote is becoming an increasingly visible and demanding activity. North of the island, in the coastal village of Arrieta one autofuciente farm, dedicated to promoting sustainability among travelers rises. Specifically, we find 30,000 square meters for a tourist who wants to live in a more pçroximo to nature setting, surrounded, for example, animals or plants.

This farm, owned by Tila Braddock an entrepreneur who lives on the island is self-sufficient thanks to its 100 solar panels and windmills. It even use electéctricos is encouraged cars and charging points are provided. In fact, at this resort in any corner of it you can find a solar energy receiver.

The tourist inculcated eco-ideas, including how to reuse in the garden irrigation water for washing or showering. In this environment alberar accommodate 15 families, each receiving area is different and independent, but the common areas for eating or practice yoga are also encouraged”