For women who happen to be mums – and for those who might be one day… Launched in September 2014, Motherland is an online destination for women who happen to be mums. It is the brain-child of mother-of-three Charlotte Philby – formerly an editor and writer at The Independent newspaper, and an award-winning journalist who has worked for the likes of Dazed & Confused and the BBC – and her husband, graphic designer Barney Beech.

Charlotte Philby came to visit our Eco Twin Yurts at Finca de Arrieta and wrote this fantastic story on her stay.

“As I watch the other families enjoying the safety and ease of the resort, which is lined with colourful, indigenous plants and scrub, and connected by a series of stone pathways, and laid out so that everyone has their own, private area but situated close enough together that you feel safe here even as a lone woman (perhaps why it is so popular a destination with single parent families), I can’t help but think how much my kids would love it here. And how easy it would be to actually relax, as a family”.