Non Solo Turisti (Not Only Tourists) blog writers from Italy stayed in our Eco Twin Yurt. For those that don’t speak Italian here is part translated:

“I could tell you about my trip to Lanzarote, one of the most popular islands of the Canaries, without dealing with the structure in which I stayed. And it is about this place that I want to speak to you today because the success of my trip is largely due to it.

Looking information in the weeks before the start, a friend told me that he had stayed in a very particular structure, attentive to environmental values and very original. I was very curious why I have collected information on the network and, in the end, I convinced myself. So I booked a one week stay at Finca de Arrieta, one of the Lanzarote Retreats group structures.

Finca De Arrieta is an environmentally friendly property consists of 15 different accommodations ranging from yurts – traditional tents of Mongolia – in simple cottages, and again, to luxurious villas. What is common to all these solutions is that they are designed to have a low environmental impact. To begin the consumed energy is entirely formed by a system of solar panels and wind turbine blades which ensure the demand of all the 15 structures. Additionally there are other tools available for each structure such as, for example, lights that are recharged with sunlight and then simply leave out the day so you can use them in the evening. We chose the Eco Twin Yurt. Curiosity was a great deal because our space was hard to imagine how it was composed. On the evening of my arrival I was literally ecstatic because, for much that I had imagined beautiful, our accommodation far exceeded expectations. First, the area in which lies the entire Finca de Arrieta: a space surrounded by the arid nature of Lanzarote in a five minute walk from the main beach of Arrieta, a country located in the north of the island. The entire complex blends with its surroundings so as to form a kind of harmonious whole.

All facilities, except of course yurts are built in stone and adorned with plants typical of this island. Specifically our space consisted of two yurts, a large double (diameter of six meters) and a smaller one with two single beds (three meters in diameter), a stone outdoor kitchen designed so as to be protected from the strong wind that often characterizes the days on this island, as well as from possible rains, an outdoor bathroom built entirely of stone, with a wooden porch and a sun deck. Inside our accommodation we have found several indications on how to take a more environmentally friendly attitude during our stay: of course an invitation to make the collection, an invitation to collect the water used for washing dishes in order to use it to wet plants, as well as a bucket placed in the bathroom to use to collect the water that goes down while waiting to become warm when you want to take a shower. Well, this is such a thing which I would not have thought! In following this indication, I realized how much water you waste even in the short period in which it waits until the water starts to warm down.

The surprises of Finca De Arrieta does not finish here! Indeed, the structure houses some animals, like a donkey – which can give you some of their leftover food carefully following the instructions that are provided – some ducks and hens whose eggs are available to all hotel guests. Simply log in to the chicken coop and use of fresh eggs of the day! After spending a week in Lanzarote, I would be able to give reason: an island amazing and although petite, full of pearls of beauty. But this I’ll tell you in my next article!