The Doctor

I just wanted to share what a fantastic time we had at the Finca.
It was our second attempt as the first time we were put into lockdown on day 2. Even then we had a good time and were well looked after.
This time however was even better, no lockdown.
The accommodation is sensational and the Finca is a delight.
The location is terrific. Close to great places to eat, drink and buy groceries.
We always use public transport and the bus stop’s just outside the Finca are brilliant.
Buses are pretty reliable and the timetables accurate, a great way to traverse the Island.
The staff are friendly and helpful, you have access to discounted tickets, guided walks and tours and cosy evenings in.
I’m already missing my new mates the Chickens and their eggs.
We’ll be back sometime soon we hope, it’s quite simply the best off-grid, pleasant and relaxing place on the Island.
Thanks to everyone again for making it such a cracking break.