The best surf breaks in Lanzarote

Sara at Famara Beach
Sara at Famara Beach

With a well-earned reputation as the “European Hawaii” and some of the most reliable surf breaks in the world, Lanzarote draws surfers of all levels to its sun-kissed shores.

It’s no surprise that many of the Lanzarote Retreats team like to get out and catch a wave at any given opportunity. Even those who don’t surf when they move here usually succumb to the call of the swell.

As well as having a selection of surfboards for guests to borrow at Finca de Arrieta, we’ve partnered with professional instructor Gustavo Barreto to offer private lessons. Originally from Brazil, Gustavo moved to Lanzarote in 2001. He has been surfing since the age of five and coaching for over 20 years.

“The best place for beginners is Famara beach thanks to the consistent wave conditions,” he says. “Lanzarote is full of reef breaks so there is always one to perfectly match your level.”

Using his background as a structural engineer, Gustavo brings a logical, analytical approach to his coaching method. One of his ways of tackling technique is through teaching surfskate. “This is a great way to develop a good technique,” he explains, “and train the muscle memory without the stress of being on the water. It allows me to explain time, flow and reading the wave whilst having the student’s full attention.”

Joshua Braddock Surf Lanzarote Retreats
Joshua Braddock

A couple of the LR team share their favourite surf spots…

Josh’s (Pro Level) top three surf spots:

Famara – because it offers the most consistent wave on the island, a 2km white sand beach with plenty of waves to choose from.

Orzola – it’s usually very quiet, also very consistent, you tend to have the waves to yourself. A lovely white sand beach. But you need to be aware of the left-to-right current towards the rocks.

Arrieta – our local beach where I grew up and learned to surf. There’s a heavy beach break right in front of the restaurants, it’s not very consistent, but very fun when it’s on!

Joshua Braddock
Joshua Braddock

Séréna’s (Advanced Level) top three surf spots:

Famara – because you can surf with hammerhead sharks. Which we did, and it was the best feeling in the world!

Orzola – most of the time surfing there, there is no one else which is why I love it. It is a wild, local surf spot, right in between two massive cliffs.

Jameos del Agua – you are surfing on wild volcanic rock, overlooking a beautiful wild coastline and sunset. The left-hand wave takes you all the way down the coast, but you have to be careful…You could surf right into the rocks which just makes it even more exciting!


Sara’s (Beginner Level) top three surf spots:

Famara – It’s no surprise that Famara beach is the most famous surf spot on the island as it is good for all levels with consistently good waves. Some days it can be really rough and messy, but during my first year of surfing, I experienced some beautiful sessions when the waves were clean and glassy. Especially when the sun is going down there it is an indescribable feeling being in the water here.

Orzola – A year ago I fell in love with surfing at Orzola beach where the water could be so clear and blue with an amazing mountain next to you, and it is never crowded and always friendly.

Northern Reef Breaks – I finally had a chance to try some of the reef breaks around our northernmost shore which have incredible views. It is just next to my office and house and is now definitely one of my favourite spots.

Joshua Braddock
Joshua Braddock