Vines and Wines on Lanzarote

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Did you know – Lanzarote has some amazing, award winning wines?

Whilst visiting Lanzarote you me be interested in visiting some of the unique Vineyards (Bodegas) set predominantly around the centre of the island. There are 18 commercial  vineyards on Lanzarote  with thousands of private growers tending patches of vines across the island.

The landscape is truly unique to Lanzarote as each vine is individually grown in a sunken pit (up to 3 meters deep) and about four to five meters wide and as the island can be windy they add a dry semi-circular rock wall called a Zoco.  The vines are planted directly in the barren soil which is then covered and protected by a small black lava stone called Picon.

These black pits and crescent stone walls produce a very productive and protected area for the vine and make for an extraordinary view across the surrounding areas.

Lanzarote was in fact the last of the Canary Islands to produce commercial wine and since 1775 they have continued to grow the vines in the unique traditional manor.

The oldest wine cellar on Lanzarote is El Grifo which is set in the centre of the island in the main wine growing region. El Grifo boasts that it is among the 10 oldest in Spain, it is a family run vineyard and work (Harvest and care of vines) is carried out manually on its 61,5 Hectares. They produce between 400,000 to 600,000 bottles per year.

El Grifo offers the following selection of wine; Dry white Malvasía white, Medium sweet white, Sweet white, Moscatel reserve, Rosé, Red, Dry sparkling Cava

You can visit the El Grifo Wine Museum between 10.30am to 7pm , 7 days a week. They also offer guided tours from Monday to Friday 11.30am to 4pm where you are also able to walk through the spectacular vineyards.

One of the newest family run vineyards on Lanzarote is Bodega Vulcano. This was set up in 2009 and is unique as it is the only urban winery situated is in the centre of Tias village.


There are 3 main Vineyard Areas on Lanzarote,

La Geria; Located between the municipalites of Tias and Yaiza.

Masdache; The most extensive harvest with two sub areas Tinajo and Masdache.

Ye-Lajares; Located between Haria and Teguise, This is the smallest region but the nearest to our accommodations


Here is a selection of the larger labels and bodegas:

Castillo de Guanapay (Bodegas Castillo de Guanapay) producing; Dry white Malvasía, Rosé, Red

El Campesino (Bodegas Barreto) producing, Sweet moscatel liqueur, Rosé, Red

La Geria (Bodega La Geria) producing, Dry white Malvasía white, Medium sweet white, Moscatel Liqueur

Mozaga (Bodegas Mozaga) producing, Dry white Malvasí­a white, Medium sweet white, Sweet white, Rosé, Red


Princesa Ico (Bodegas Vega de Yuco) procuces,Medium sweet white Malvasía

Vega de Yuco (Bodegas Vega de Yuco) produces, Dry white Malvasía, Dry white Ecological Malvasia, Red

Yaiza (Bodegas Vega de Yuco) Produces, Dry white Malvasía, Semi Dry Malvasia, Rosé, Red

Lanzarote now has nearly 2,000 hectares of active vineyards that together produce an average of 2 million liters of wine annually. For an island that is only 862 square km this is a sizeable proportion of available land space. Due to low annual rain fall on Lanzarote the grapes/wines are limited in production, therefore  you should not expect to pop down to your local shop to pick up a bottle to try. On Lanzarote, many of the wines are available only at very few exclusive outlets, and the furthest most of them travel is to neighbouring islands in the Canaries, although Europe is now beginning to get a look in! I was very surprised to see a Lanzarote wine on offer in Madrid which I visited last month! We stock a selection of Lanzarote wine at Finca De Arrieta and you are currently able to visit La Cantina restaurant for a wine/tapas tasting evening which is fun,  very informative and informal.


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