Volcán de La Corona tour.

The Timanfaya volcanic landscape is undoubtedly one of the most stunning areas to walk on the island of Lanzarote. Probably even one of the best in Europe. That said there is another area of Lanzarote that you should not miss when looking for an amazing walk – Volcán de La Corona. 

The clients staying at Finca de Arrieta especially appreciate this area, after all it forms a backdrop to their accommodation and a view that instantly makes you feel at one with the environment, a feeling that can only come from the ocean breeze on one side and the mountains on the other!

Renata, one of the LR team based at Finca de Arrieta, has a great passion for the outdoors, it begins for her at 7.30am with our Sunrise Stretch sessions where all guests are welcome and then … well just never ends really … Reanta is active all day as she helps the guests. So it is no surprise  that Renata jumped for joy with the chance to join guests on Thursday morning on their Volcán de La Corona tour.

The walk began in the beautiful village of Ye in the municipality of Haría. Ye is quite remote and inhabited by just over one hundred people, life moves at a wondrously slow tempo, so much so that time seems to stand still.  As they made their way up between the local vineyards they learned about the plants and flowers which were just blooming after this year’s unusually generous rain (any rain is generous here given that we only get on average 12 days of it!). Right from the beginning of this walk there is an abundance of  fig trees and grapevines.

By the time they reached the crater of Volcán de La Corona the cloud that can cling to the higher ground sometimes had all cleared.

The summit stands 609 meters (1,998 ft) high and it is an extinct volcano, the last eruption was 4,000 years ago when it covered a large area of the northeast of the island with lava, creating the Malpais de la Corona and two of the island’s most-visited geological attractions, the Cueva de los Verdes and the Jameos del Agua. Not only do you get an amazing view of the rugged crater’s shape, originated some 15 000 years ago when the volcano first exploded, but also you see the blue waters of the ocean washing both the western and eastern coast of the island.

From the summit of the Volcano hikers are able to enjoy the spectacular panoramic views. To the North, your gaze can be rewarded by the contemplation of the immensity of the sea and the Roque del Este (an islet of the Chinijo Archipelago) or the Ye vineyards, which truly look like they are out of a painting. To the East is the coast of Mala and Arrieta.


There was much more to walk, to talk about, see and explore, as the party circled around the Monte Corona’s perfect body. The picnic at the edges of Risco overlooking La Graciosa island is a welcome respite.

By the time everyone got back the transport it was still only 2pm, still time for a lazy afternoon on the beach soaking tired feet in the fresh Atlantic waters after 4 hours of mind-blowing imagery. Of course the small little Rum (Mojito) ‘shack’ on Arrieta Beach, with locals enjoying some music, a sort of Spanish Calypso hybrid, is a quick fix for tired feet also 😉

An introduction to Renata can be seen in our latest news release CLICK HERE

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