Volcanic Island Training – Reach for the Stars

We met first Amy Kilpin during her training week in Lanzarote at the end of December 2013. Having already competed in the Lanzarote 70.3 Ironman the previous year, Amy already had an affinity with the island and we loved her story.

Having always been competitive and sporty Amy wasn’t afraid of taking the step to become involved in the world of Triathlon, but she would describe herself as a latecomer to the notoriously tough sport beginning her journey in 2012 aged 26. Skip forward to August 2014 when she won Bronze for GBR in her age group during the European long distance Championships.

Amy represents the idea that if you set yourself a goal and reach for it with enough determination, you can achieve anything. You only have to take a stroll around Finca De Arrieta to know that this rule applies to many things.


Amy Kilpin at Ironman, Bolton.

Some may say that you have to have age on your side, or a certain natural ability to take part in a sport, but in reality, the first step is to make the decision about what it is that you wish to achieve. The second step is to work hard for it.

We decided to sponsor Amy´s accommodation throughout 2014, offering her the chance to train on one of the best landscapes in the world. She has stayed between our two ideal training base locations including Lanzarote North – Finca De Arrieta, and Tiagua 81 South-West, an equally ideal base for triathlon training in Lanzarote.

We are pleased to be welcoming Amy back in December 2014, follow her Journey with us, an escape into the mountains of fire – look out for more updates via our facebook and twitter #amykilpinlanzarote  Or follow us with #Lanzarote #LanzaroteRetreats

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