Walk Don’t Run

With much focus on the forthcoming Lanzarote International Marathon coming up on December 12th we thought we would focus this time on a more relaxed mission. So how about a wonderful trek through the stunning volcanic landscape?

One of the most breathtaking sights in Lanzarote is the area that was devastated by the eruptions long long ago in the southern part of the island. These were considered some of the most powerful eruptions that have occurred on this planet in the last 500 years. Volcanic lava flow covered nearly 200 km2, a quarter of the total surface of the island.

That together with the evolutionary process since has left the area as the most spectacular volcanic landscapes on Earth, much loved by car commercials and apocalyptic sci-fi movie directors!

On this pleasant guided walk among volcanoes and lavas you will discover the reasons for the visual landscape and we are also given the opportunity to observe the miracle of the rebirth of life in the most extreme ecosystem imaginable.

Awaiting you is a fascinating walk you will never forget.

Arranged with our partners Blackstone Treks – for more info and to book contact us.