What is Glamping?

Glamping is a wonderful holiday package combining glamour and camping, it is also known as luxury camping and posh camping. It’s range includes luxury tents or glamping tents such as a yurts, tipis and bell tents.

Lanzarote Retreats offers Yurt accommodation at its eco retreat Finca De Arrieta, these are traditionally made in Mongolia where they are still in use as everyday housing! They survive temperatures as low as -40 Celsius and can maintain a cool temperature even when its exterior rises up to 40 degrees. Glamping holidays have been an up and coming trend for the past 10 years and are proving to be a popular option for holiday home’s. They offer quirky accommodation which is far more interesting for your holiday rather than a standard holiday apartment or villa.

Yurts are very popular for all ages,  Finca De Arrieta has had guests ranging from 8 weeks through to 85 Years old. They have been designed with comfort and style in mind, giving a fun and relaxed holiday atmosphere. There are many Glamping destinations throughout the whole of Europe, due to weather conditions most are open throughout summer season only. Lanzarote Retreats offers its Yurt range throughout the year as the Canary Islands are so close to the equator and offer great weather and sunshine even during so called winter months.

Eco retreat Finca De Arrieta consist of 6 yurt accommodations which have been finished to a luxurious standard and also offers some cottage and studio options. Each Yurt has its own kitchen and shower room facilities set in mature gardens and has access to a solar heated pool, farm eggs on site, honesty shop etc.

If you would like to go Glamping for your next holiday please see full details of the eco retreat on this web link; FINCA DE ARRIETA

To see a film on Glamping in Dutch follow this web site link iglamping.nl and press the pink Video button.

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