A very special retreat at Finca de Arrieta, hosted by Bellatrix van Wingerden, owner of Netherlands Yogastudio Ouddorp and Michelle Braddock, co-founder of Lanzarote Retreats.

Event dates: 10th – 14th September 2019.


What to expect?

Daily yoga and meditation, mind mapping, life development coaching, TED talks, pitch your challenges, Neuro-Linguistic programming exercises, outdoor activities such as hikes and relaxation.

Yoga at Finca de Arrieta


As self-employed, I’m often missing the challenge to talk to other business people about my company. It helps me to grow my business and get new ideas by talking to other entrepreneurs. That’s why creating this kind of retreat was important to me.” (Bellatrix van Wingerden)

“Having created Lanzarote Retreats with my husband whilst juggling my family life with 4 children, making time for myself has has always been a struggle! I have always found Yoga and Meditation gives me the strength I need. I am keen to share with you my business experience through self development coaching and mentoring.” (Michelle Braddock)

This exciting new retreat will open up your future opportunities, you will be with other like minded people looking to develop themselves further in their field. Imagine the inspiration you will have when you discuss your ideas and goals, along with having the chance to brainstorm with others, your work related ideas. Spending your precious time at this retreat will help you reach your goals and bring your company to a higher level.

Travelling gives us the chance to consider our next moves and creates clarity, as we have the time for clearing out head space and seeing our visions clearly. This yoga retreat, enhances your awareness and Bellatrix will guide you in yoga and meditation. Relaxing your physical body also relaxes your mind, clearing space for new inspiration which can then come to you naturally. Disconnecting with your daily life by leaving your routines and everyday surroundings, just being away from home opens you up to visualising new possibilities.

Give yourself and your company the direction that it needs. If you have an idea but don’t know where to begin then this retreat is also perfect for start-ups! It is a business trip, but with a personal touch. We don’t discuss delicate details such as numbers and profit. This level of yoga is ideal for everyone from easy too advanced.

For price and further details: please contact or telephone +34 928 826 720

Maximum availability: 10 persons.

Included: 5 days and 4 nights,  daily yoga and meditation, all food & drinks, lovely dinners, transfer from and to airport, a face 2 face coaching session with a Life Coach, mind mapping, NLP and self-reflection exercises.

The location: Lanzarote Retreats, world-famous eco-village Finca de Arrieta: a fantastic and inspiring, stylish and ecological retreat, fully off the grid. The owners give a very good example of a beautiful family business.

Organisation and teaching is done by Bellatrix van Wingerden, owner of a flourishing yoga studio, with over 20 years of yoga teaching experience. Specialised in Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Surfers and personal training.


Bellatrix, recent Finca de Arrieta yoga group event


The Lanzarote Retreats Team @ Finca de Arrieta